ss2That’s me right there from a couple of years ago. I had some head shots done for a book cover.

I started writing when I was just a pup and never really grew out of it. After paying some dues honing my craft, I eventually landed a standard book contract with a now-defunct publisher in New Hampshire. We did two books before they went under (Dead of Wynter and Lovesick).

I’m also into technology and have worked off and on for 20 years at AT&T Research Labs in New Jersey with some of the smartest people I’ve ever known. Early in my career, I worked as a game designer for Merit Industries and built three games, Hooter, Quik Cell, and Pile On. For almost a decade, they could be found in bars and even cruise ships all over the world. In addition, I’ve dabbled in guitar eduction software for Mac OS and iOS.

Before all that, I attended Berklee College of Music with my heavily customized Gibson SG for a couple of years in order to learn just enough jazz theory to start making sense of whatever Frank Zappa compositions I happened to be obsessed with at the time.

For book stuff, you can find me on Amazon and Facebook. For other things, contact me directly: